Design & Build

If you need help working backwards from a set of plans to specify the switchboard you need for a design build job KCS can help. We can assist with maximum demand calculations, diversity factors and so on to reach a main switch size, and then prepare a switchboard design to do the job.


KCS regularly helps our clients by doing the site as built drawings as an add on for a competitive hourly rate, so if you need a professional set of drawings but don’t have the time or a draftsperson on the staff KCS can help.

Discrimination Studies

As part of our switchboard design discrimination studies are carried out, we can include the cabling on site and supply you with the trip settings for upstream devices, fault levels at the various boards throughout the site to satisfy the consultants requirements

Shutdown and alteration work

If you require an existing board to be altered to have new equipment fitted, or older equipment replaced KCS can help. We can take a look, come up with a plan and manufacture parts to adapt the new into the old. When the shutdown comes around we can supply staff to do the work or assist if that is what you need.